Prepare yourselves: a complete list of places to avoid during the snakepit of Santacon 2018

Whether you like it or not: Santacon is coming this Saturday, December 8. It’s a tactless, terrible, tawdry affair completely worth avoiding.

So, if you have people in town or were thinking of leaving Brooklyn for the day (ha!), here’s a list of business participating in the rowdy and worthless drunken bar crawl. We suggest avoiding them all. If you have to work on December 8 near one of these locations, may whatever gods you do or don’t believe in have mercy on your soul.

And, as for you Santacon revelers, we have just one question: Why?

East Village locations haunted by Santa
Nowhere Bar, 322 E 14th St
Doc Holliday’s, 141 Ave A
Pink’s, 242 E 10th St
Professor Thom’s, 219 2nd Ave
Plug Uglies, 256 3rd Ave
Crocodile Lounge
Coyote Ugly, 153 1st Ave
Vazac Horseshoe Bar
Juke Bar, 196 2nd Ave
Central Bar, 109 E 9th St
The Continental, 25 3rd Ave
Finnerty’s, 221 2nd Ave
Machos NYC, 118A E 15th St

Midtown locations aka the Santacon Vortex
Rattle ‘n Hum West, 309 W 39th
Feile, 131 W 33rd St
Stout Grand Central
Stout NYC ~ Flagship
Bounce Sporting Club
Brother Jimmy’s BBQ
Pennsylvania 6, 132 W 31st St
Brother Jimmy’s, 181 Lexington Ave
Blarney Rock, 137 W 33rd St
The Australian Bar, 20 W 38th St
American Whiskey, 247 W 30th St
Tempest, 407 8th Ave
Foleys NY, 18 W 33rd St
The Storehouse, 69 W 23rd St
Jack Doyle’s, 240 W 35th St
John Sullivan’s, 210 W 35th St
Rick’s Cabaret, 48 W 33rd
Hoops Cabaret, 50 W 33rd St
Slattery’s Midtown, 8 E 36th St
American Hall, 29 W 36th St
The Hog Pit, 37 W 26th St
Public House NYC, 140 E 41st St
Peter Dillon’s Pub, 2 E 36th St
Beer Authority, 300 W 40th St
Dewey’s Pub, 135 W 30th
Reichenbach Beer Hall, 5 W 37th St
The Keg Room NYC, 53 W 36th St
Playwright Irish Pub, 27 W 35th St
Karaoke City, 22 W 32nd St
Mustang Harry’s, 352 7th Ave
Stone Creek Lounge, 140 E 27th St
Legends, 6 W 33rd St

Gag-worthy locations that let people don Santa-themed apparelĀ 
Sony Hall, 235 W 46th St
The Ainsworth East, 45 E 33rd St
SOLAS, 232 E 9th St
230 Fifth Ave, 230 5th Ave
Clinton Hall 36, 16 W 36th St
TAJ II, 48 W 21st St
SideBAR, 118 E 15th St
Slate NY, 54 W 21st St
Local NYC, W 33 St and 8th Ave
The Ainsworth Chelsea, 122 W 26th St
Lucy’s Cantina Royal, 34th St and 8th Ave
The Tailor, 505 8th Ave
Doux, 59 W 21st St
The VNYL, 100 3rd Ave
The Liberty, 29 W 35th St
The Pennsy, 2 Penn Plaza
5th and Mad, 7 E 36th St

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