Have you seen Park Slope’s monocle dog?

dog with monocle
Have you seen this dog? Perhaps in Park Slope? via Fuck Yeah Dementia

Nobody wants the monocle to have made a comeback. Nobody actually believes that the monocle has made a comeback, no matter what the Style section says. That’s why ProPublica’s Lois Beckett decided to fact-check one of the dumbest, trolliest Times trend pieces in recent history, by asking the internet if they’d actually seen a human wearing a monocle. The official results are in tomorrow, but you can access the survey, which asks people things like “Have you ever seen someone wearing a monocle?” and, more helpfully, “How much do you typically pay for a latte?” here.

Brooklyn is leading the pack in alleged monocle sightings according to Beckett’s survey, with an astounding (and suspicious) nine people claiming to have seen a dog and/or baby in Park Slope wearing a monocle. So we should cast SOME doubt on people who claim to have seen it.

On the other hand, answer this one for us: Do you actually believe that User #231, who lives in San Francisco and lists their occupation as a cobbler, has never actually seen a monocle? Because if there’s one person in the world who has, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s a cobbler. Right? 

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