Send us your illicit McKibbin party photos, win 2 cases of beer!

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Can’t stop (the party), won’t stop (the party) via Maksim Killa

People of the McKibbin Lofts! We think it’s a bummer that your management company is trying to make your building more civilized. This is Bushwick, not the goddamn Upper West Side. But we know that no one who lives there was actually happy about that ridiculous flyer announcing the ridiculous new building policy, right? So because everyone at Brokelyn loves a party, we’ve got a deal for you: tweet your best McKibbin party pictures to us @Brokelyn and whoever takes the picture we like the most wins not one, but TWO cases of beer. Can you dig it? 

Just in case this actually is the death of the McKibbin Lofts, we’re committed to documenting it. We’ve got a couple caveats here, of course. Don’t send us pictures of people kicking holes in the wall thinking that will impress us. We aren’t encouraging property destruction or vandalism. And no pictures of people setting off fireworks in the building. Not that I remember that happening when I was there. But we know you’ve had some ragers there we want to reward that “can party” spirit. In the interest of protecting your privacy/keeping you safe from vindictive authorities, we’ll also blur out the faces on the pictures at your request

As for the beer you’ll win, you get two cases of Simpler Times, the cheap Trader Joe’s beer with the high alcohol content, so as to harken back to the simpler times at McKibbin, when the landlord didn’t care a whit about what was going on there. So go forth and party, young soul rebels. And send us the proof.


1. Tweet your photo to @Brokelyn, hashtag #RIPMcKibbin

2. Entries must be in by 6pm Monday

3. We’ll announce a winner by noon on Tuesday, AND run your photo on the site and declare you a True Defender of the Party Faith. Hellooo Twitter followers.

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  1. What those slacksters need is a good schuyster. Somewhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights I’m pretty sure there’s something about “the pursuit of happiness.” Just sayin’.

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