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The Cyclones are giving away Marty McFly jerseys in July

Back to the Future Jersey
Jersey Thursday is going to be ‘better than ever’ this year. Image via

Most people like Thursdays because it means Friday is coming. For Brooklyn Cyclones fans, it means Jersdays, the days when the Cyclones give away special jerseys to fans. As per usual, the Cyclones are going all out this summer, with an announcement on their website that they’re going Back to the Future in July with specialized Cyclones/Marty McFly jerseys.

In a true #tbt, the Brooklyn Cyclones are throwing it back to 1985 this summer when, on July 2, the Jersday Thursday giveaway will feature a snazzy “1.21 Gigawatts” jersey patterned after Marty McFly’s look. The promotion is happening in honor of Back to the Future’s 30th anniversary, and the number, of course, refers to the amount of electrical power required to operate the flux capacitor (which, for some perspective, is about the same as 15 jet engines).

The promotion follows in the footsteps of last year’s “Salute to Seinfeld Night”, 90s Nickelodeon night and of course, their “Williamsburg Night” and dinosaur nights back in 2012.

Between all this and “Saved by the Bell Night” happening this summer, we gotta hand it to them—the Brooklyn Cyclones have the market cornered on our nostalgia.

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