It’s all that: The Cyclones are holding a 90s Nickelodeon night

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Hey 90s kids, are you tired of only being pandered/advertised to by BuzzFeed lists, dance parties, TV marathons, film remakes and reboots and sequels, music samples and band reunion tours? We know, when will anyone ever pay attention to the 90s? The Brooklyn Cyclones are doing their part next Wednesday, August 27 with a 90s Nickelodeon night. Why should you go, besides the baseball? Well, Kel Mitchell is throwing out the first pitch, so it’ll answer your “Hey, where’s Kel Mitchell been these days?” question.

The 90s Are All That Night will be celebrating that far gone decade known as the 90s, when perhaps you were young and full of hope and life and a future, that you squandered watching on shows like All ThatRugratsGuts and Keenan and Kel. Beyond the Cyclones wearing the jerseys seen above, beyond Kel Mitchell throwing out the first pitch, beyond appearances by people in Rugrats costumes and posing for pictures with the Aggro Crag, going to this game gives you a chance to do the one thing you always wanted to do as a kid but never could: be on Double Dare. Yep.

There are 100 $25 field level tickets that you can buy that get you access to a pre-game version of Double Dare Live, where you might even get picked for a chance to play (and get slimed of course). Oh, don’t forget there’s also baseball, and that the Cyclones are in a death race for the Penn League wild card spot, that they’re playing the hated Staten Island Yankees and that they’ve got hotshot Mets first round draft pick Michael Conforto on their team. Yes, next Wednesday should have everything. Well, except Roundhouse, the show that everyone ignores.

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