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Better Cyclones promotion: hipster night or dinosaur night?

Dinosaurs: good enough for the Giants, good enough for the Cyclones.

Tonight is “Williamsburg Night” at the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium (which is just a slightly nicer way of saying “Hipster Night” of course): special deals for anyone with beards, a skinny jeans run-the-bases thing and skeeball machines from the folks at Full Circle Bar. If this level of pandering is not quite your speed, check out saturday’s promotion for a celebration of another much-beloved and feared creature: dinosaurs! The minor league park is hosting life-size animatronic dinosaurs from the brand-new Field Station: Dinosaurs in Seacaucus, NJ. A T-rex is even supposed to throw out the first pitch. They’re calling it Jurassic (ball) Park, obvs.

The Cyclones says the dinosaurs will be walking around the stadium all night so you can interact with them and learn something about them giant lizards. Tickets to the Cyclones are between $9-$16.

Also, this dinosaur place in Seacaucus sounds amazing. Like a real Jurassic Park, minus all the death and playing god. Tickets are $20 on the weekends.

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  1. Let’s all just admit that the death and playing god were the main draws of Jurassic Park. Lousy nanny state coming in and shutting things down…

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