Bill Bratton: Lousy millennials ruining Broken Windows policing

bill bratton
Bill Bratton, demonstrating the correct way to place your hands around a millennial critic’s neck. via Policy Exchange Flickr

As we love going over, lousy millennials can ruin pretty much everything, from soda to Hot Pockets to the great American institution of credit card debt. Since it’s a day that ends in “y” we have another instance of millennials ruining something, this time with the Post gleefully sharing Bill Bratton’s complaints about the fact that young people don’t understand the importance of Broken Windows keeping up enforcement of low-level, quality of life crimes. Yeah, well, Bratton probably doesn’t understand 3nder but you don’t seen us putting him on blast for the whole country to see, do you?

“Spoiled millennials” as the Post helpfully calls them, don’t appreciate Broken Windows the same way that New Yorkers as a whole do, according to a Quinnipaic poll that Bratton talked about with John “CATS” Catsimatidis’ on his radio show. That poll found that 57% of New Yorkers support Broken Windows in total, while only 45% of millennials do, a split that the commish brought up completely unprompted.

Bratton didn’t sound angry though, as he told  the grocery magnate/mayoral candidate/potential Daily News owner that young people don’t appreciate the crime fighting tactic because they didn’t live in New York City in 1990 when it was “going to Hell in a handbasket.” Which is a decent point, but it could also have something to do with the fact that millennials seem to have noticed that white kids aren’t getting busted for smoking weed in the park, something that even some our slacker Gen-X forebears have recently pointed out. Still, now we know who the scapegoats will be if Mayor Tall ushers us back into the bad old days like some of more hysterical opponents have promised are coming any day now: those kids ages 18-34 who won’t drink macrobrew or go to church.

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