Brookly Diocsese introduces ‘Creeper Jesus’ to woo Millennials

brooklyn diocese

There is no industry in this world not trying bizarre ideas to win back Millennials who are leaving said industries in droves, be it soda, fast foodmacrobrew or cars. Guess we can throw “religion” on that pile too, since the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn (fresh off calling Jesus the original hipster) has a new ad campaign putting Jesus in your selfies. That’s what Millennials like, right? Dead guys you can’t see, looking over your shoulder when you think you’re alone?

We mean, we get it, the Brooklyn Diocese wants to remind you that the reason for the season is Jesus and that He is always with you. Maybe “Footprints” is a little old-fashioned for Millennials, what with their amateur porn Tumblrs and sexbots and other technology that makes man’s sinful nature easier to indulge than ever. But do we really think a modern update that goes:

He whispered, ‘My precious child, I love you and will never leave you
Never, ever, during your trials and testings and Snapchat sessions.
When you thought you were alone taking naked selfies,
It was then that I was invisibly and silently watching you.”

is gonna get Millennials flocking to Christmas Mass?

[h/t Patheos]

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