Glenn Beck warns fans to avoid de Blasio’s New York

glenn beck
Yeah, we’re just devastated

Look, everyone has joked about how now that Bill de Blasio is mayor, New York will turn into a pit of crime and despair. But they’ve been just that: jokes. Very few people can actually make the case that the world will open up and gangbangers will come streaming out, burning and looting. So leave it to crybaby conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck to warn his viewing audience that they won’t be able to visit New York while de Blasio’s in charge, for fear of their safety. Oh no! Without Glenn Beck fans visiting, who will bring guns to the 9/11 Memorial?

“You won’t be able to travel to that city soon,” the man who used to write chalkboard messages that would make a schizophrenic want to share his meds out of pity, tell us about Bill de Blasio.

Hey Glenn, next time you and your buddy want to talk New York politics, you might want to be able to name a mayor aside from Rudy Giuliani. Remember when people like this professed to love New York after September 11? The obvious glee they take in their fantasy that we’ll all start getting shot as we walk down the street gives lie to that, if it wasn’t obvious beforehand. Turn in your “I Love NY” cards you doofuses, you never loved New York and you never will.

[h/t New York Observer]


  1. Ha Ha Ha! All you Hipsters from the Midwest HAVE NO CLUE!
    Bash Glen Beck all you want, you have no idea what’s going to go down when Comarde Bill calls off the blue thugs. You’ve never seen “reverse Gentrificaiton” in action!

    • schols

      I’m guessing that most readers of this editorial live in areas of Brooklyn which are gentrified to one degree or another. Take the time to ask anyone who was around in the mid 60s through the early 90s about life in NYC then. Not pretty. The Bryant Park skating rink shooting the other day was like a blast-from-the-past, no pun intended.

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