Antics on Atlantic and 13 other ways to enjoy the weekend

Spend all day trying to find yourself in the picture, your boss will get it. Photo by Ann Billingsley
Spend all day trying to find yourself in the picture, your boss will get it. Photo by Ann Billingsley

1. Which comics will Marc Maron secretly hate in a couple years and why? The only way to find out is at the show called “Comics Marc Maron Will Probably Resent in the Next Couple Years” (Friday)

2. Excited about the Veronica Mars movie? Excited enough to spend a Friday night watching it with people? (Friday)

3. It’s time for the New York City Burlesque Festival, and where better to have the premiere party than Brooklyn, where everyone from your bartender to your accountant is secretly a burlesque dancer (Friday)

4. Stop by DUMBO any day this weekend for the DUMBO Arts Festival and your chance to hang out in one of New York’s richest neighborhoods (Friday – Sunday)

5. Hang out at the Summit Street Garden, buy some flower bulbs and eat some food. But don’t try eat the flower bulbs and buy some food (Saturday)

6. Yoga spot Third Root is celebrating five years of getting you flexible and relaxed with a big giant party, which actually doesn’t seem that zen to our uneducated minds (Saturday)

7. In other birthday news, Williamsburg’s The West is three years old, so they’re letting you loose on an open bar for two hours. Behave yourselves (Saturday)

8. Sad about back-to-school season? We can’t imagine why, you’re an adult for Christ’s sake. But if you are, dance away those tears at The Grand Victory (Saturday)

9. Or if you want to dance for joy, let Hey Queen! show you a good time at their dance party, celebrating drag queens this time. Drag queens are much better than your medieval-era European queens (Saturday)

10. Head to the Bushwick/Ridgewood border for some peace talks between Queens and Brooklyn a lovely artisanal market (Saturday – Sunday)

11. It’s time once again for the Atlantic Antic, the best damn street fair in the entire civilized world. And the uncivilized world we guess, there are no street fairs there (Sunday)

12. If you do that, you’re already in the neighborhood (and hopefully the right timeline), so drop by Habana Outpost to catch a free screening of Back to the Future (Sunday)

13. Another Williamsburg bar, LP ‘n Harmony is having a birthday celebration as well, with free food! September birthdays man, they’re everywhere (Sunday)

14. It’s time to say goodbye forever to Walter White. Here’s where you can catch Breaking Bad. Is it actually goodbye forever? We got a press screener but we won’t spoil the ending, in which the neo-Nazis win (Sunday)

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