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Get crazy, baby! The Atlantic Antic is almost here

Take THAT, cars!
Take THAT, cars!

Everyone loves a street fair. Except for grumpy jerks that is, but since when do we take their opinions seriously? Yes, a street fair is a great place to walk around drinking in public, seeing people you haven’t seen in months because you’ve all converged on one location with food and bands and local vendors. And out of all the street fairs in New York, the Atlantic Antic probably does it better than all of them. So we were pleased as punch to get a press release informing us that one month from now, September 29, the Atlantic Antic makes its triumphant return to Atlantic Avenue.

If you’ve never been, the Antic is a huge street fair, closing off Atlantic Avenue from the BQE to Fourth Avenue, a mile in total, and letting us walk around enjoying the best Atlantic Avenue has to offer. Bars and restaurants set up seating in the street, bands play in front of storefronts and everyone generally has a great time.

This year’s Antic will be on the last Sunday of September, which shouldn’t be too hard to remember, from noon until 6pm. In those six hours, you’ll be able to peruse offerings from vendors all up and down the avenue, enjoy music from bands as varied as ska dudes Tri-State Conspiracy, R&B crooners Brandi and the Alexanders and alt-country kids I’ll Be John Brown. In addition to all that, Waterfront Ale House will feature both a 14-hour smoked brisket and pastrami sandwiches, the Red Hook Lobster Pound will be selling their lobster rolls for those of us that allow themselves one per year, Steve’s Key Lime Pie will be selling Key Lime Pie on a stick. This is probably the best part of the fall, despite the fact that it comes so early in it, so make sure you get there, or you’ll have to wait a WHOLE YEAR to experience it again.

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