The meth of times: Where to watch Breaking Bad for free

It was Wilford something, right? Via Tutu's Instagram.
It was Wilford something, right? Via Tutu’s Instagram.

You’ve seen the ads at L Train stations. You have watched the moral ambiguity again and again on Netflix. You are ready to start the final episodes of Breaking Bad on Sunday … and you don’t have cable. But even if you have AMC, it’s more fun to watch your favorite TV shows with an audience and themed drinks. Luckily for you, lots of bars are giving you the chance to watch Walter White’s swan song, for free. Here is your official Brokelyn Breaking Bad Breakdown viewing (and drinking) guide. Remember no matter where you are the show premiers at 9pm.

more like White Trash bar when Jesse is involved, amiright. Via FB.
more like White Trash bar when Jesse is involved, amiright. Via FB.

Trash Bar (256 Grand St., Williamsburg) is breaking out a new HD projector for the premiere final season starting at 8pm with an open bar. Expect its usual dirty cheap daily open bar before the show, plus a limited edition Sky Blue cocktail. There will free catered food, drinking games and a live music after the show. The bar is teasing a popcorn machine too. Note: this is a premiere party only, but depending on how well it goes it may continue all season long.


You had me at "meth shots"
You had me at “meth shots”

Banter (132 Havemeyer St., Williamsburg) promises big sound, a big projection screen and a mysterious “meth shot” on the house for the premier. The bar also has an uncommonly good selection of beers with the atmosphere of the friendliest British football club bars. We recommend the $6 Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey or $4 Yuengling Lager. With $3 Captain Lawrence Pale Ale, $4 well drinks, $4 Carlsberg or Sauvignon Blanc and $5 lime margaritas. Banter will be showing Breaking Bad until its final episode.


Halyards, also featured in the Brokelyn Beer Book. Via FB.
Halyards, also featured in the Brokelyn Beer Book. Via FB.

Halyards Bar (406 3rd Avenue, Gowanus) wins the prize for most dedication to a theme. Expect an entire assortment of $7 Breaking Bad inspired drinks including the bartender’s take on a cocktail of a crystal blue persuasion. Haylards will be having an hour-long trivia fest celebrating previous seasons leading up to show time.  The mood of the place is an old-fashioned cocktail bar and pool hall where you should be having an Old Fashioned. Come back every Sunday to watch the new eps.


Where the vegan meth heads hang out. Via Bitch Cakes.
Where the vegan meth heads hang out. Via Bitch Cakes.

Pine Box Rock Shop (12 Grattan St., Bushwick) is hosting a Breaking Bad premiere party complete with $4 meth blue cocktails and $3 test tube shots from 9pm-2am. Pine Box is a fine brick-lined Bushwick bar with a Big Buck Hunter game for anyone in a dangerous mood. The bar will be showing it every Sunday until the finale on a 96″ big screen.


That's David Cross at Union Hall and he was in Mr. Show with Saul Goodman so that's the best we can do. Via Flickr's Amy Lu.
That’s David Cross at Union Hall and he was in Mr. Show with Saul Goodman so that’s the best we can do. Via Flickr’s Amy Lu.

Union Hall (702 Union St., Park Slope) will be starting its Breaking Bad bash at 8:30pm with more themed drinks than anywhere else. All themed cocktails are $6 for each showing! Ask for the Mister White drink and don’t ask what is in it. Union Hall, also known as that place you play bocce, will have a drinking game with BINGO cards for very dedicated fans. They will be bidding farewell until bitter end of the series. They will be playing it every Sunday too.


Tutu's, via FB.
Tutu’s, via FB.

Tutu’s (25 Bogart St., Bushwick) is screening the final Breaking Bad episodes with a side serving of good gourmet options like $5 Zeppole sugar doughnuts and $7 Ratatouille Toast (it’s like Bruschetta). As for drinks, cans of Tecate Lager and Lionshead Pilsner are $4 with a Lionshead and Old Overholt Rye combo for $6. There is a charming bistro vibe to the place with a lot of local flavor. While you are there be sure to check out the new mural by Nychos.


Quick, what's element is La?
Quick, what’s element is La?

Lola BKLYN (387 Myrtle Ave., Fort Greene) will be having viewing parties all season long. The Empanadas of the Day are worth the $8. This is the best option for the non-drinkers out there though they have an average priced full bar for anyone with a change of heart. This light and airy Gastropub looks just like to sort of place you’ll find cool neighborhood events like Tuesday Trivia with a $50 bar tab prize.


Remember: Don't wear Walter White after Labor Day.
Remember: Don’t wear Walter White after Labor Day.

Videology (308 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg), the DVD shop that reinvented itself as a theater/screening room last year, is showing all the episodes for free as part of its regular Sunday night TV party events. The shop features a bar up front, where you can also buy some popcorn and take it to the separate viewing room in the back.

If we missed any viewing parties, let us know in the comments!

Update: 8/8: Here are two more:  

The Exley (1 Jackson St., Greenpoint): Breaking Bad Premiere Party 7pm, FREE BBQ, $8 Blue Cocktails, try the Saul Goodman Old Fashioned, Music before and after by O Paradiso, Lead up to showtime involves a round-robin cornhole tournament, RSVP.

Brooklyn Winery, (213 N. 8th St., Williamsburg): Seating in the Parlor room is limited so it’s first come, first served. Enjoy some delicious Brooklyn-made wine and food from the winery’s seasonal menu while you watch.


  1. ianmac47

    Any word on whether Tutu’s will continue having those disco parties immediately following Breaking Bad? Its a nice space for watching things, but Mad Men viewing was quickly ruined by a loud crowd of people who didn’t care.

  2. stuyshwick

    Haven’t been yet but Gallery Bar on Broadway and Hart (Bushwick/Bed-Stuy) is also holding screenings. Probably less hip, but maybe less crowded.

  3. Hilary Kissinger

    Major disappointment at Union Hall last Sunday – though slated to show Breaking Bad every week they told us at the door “they weren’t doing it tonight.” We scrambled for half an hour in Park Slope and discovered that The Gate was showing it. No drink specials, but a rapt audience and instant silence during the show was all we needed.

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