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What are your summer regrets? Because we’ve got a bunch

Oh god, it's all ending. via Flickr user minusbaby
Oh god, it’s all ending. via Flickr user minusbaby

Welll, here we are…Labor Day weekend. Your dreams of a BEST SUMMER EVAR dashed agains the rocks of the jetties, leaving you with merely the memories of what could have been instead of what was. If only you hadn’t taken it easy those first couple weeks. You should have planned better. If only you’d been invited camping. Yep, rather than greet the end of the summer with a stiff upper lip and stoicism, we’re going to dwell like some lousy teenager binging on the Smiths. Because we want more summer, but the world won’t listen.

So, what are we rending our garments and wearing sack cloth over? Well,

-We didn’t learn to surf

-Not getting to City Island for fried fish

-Some of us went to NO outdoor movies at all

-Ditto on Celebrate Brooklyn shows

-And the House of Vans for that matter

-AND Huey Lewis

-One of us, who will remain nameless, didn’t ride the Cyclone


-Not spending nearly enough time at Rockaway Beach

-Some of us didn’t make it to the beach at all

-Not enough opportunities to wear seersucker

-Dropping $250 on Governors Ball, only to see Animal Collective have technical problems and then spend the next week picking mud out of your toenails

-Not learning how to cold brew iced coffee

-Not enough movie nights in our backyards/roofs

-No blunt in the ocean

-Not taking the NYC Beach Bus

It is pretty great
It is pretty great

-Ending up with infestations of the bug and human variety

-No road trips to distant lands

-Missing every Books Beneath the Bridge

-Not riding our bike to Philadelphia, or from Queens to Boston

-Not nearly enough time spent at the Gowanus Yacht Club

-Not enough Cyclones games, especially jersey nights

-Only eating at Habana Outpost once

-So few pickup basketball games with the local youths

-Not making it out to Governors Island

-Not enough hot dogs. Never enough hot dogs

We’re sure you’ve got some to share, so please cry with us in the comments. The good news, if there is any, is that we can look back on this list all winter and vow that next summer will be the best one. BUT IT NEVER IS.


  1. not enough picnics in Prospect Park
    no carousel rides in Prospect Park
    never made it to the member sunset picnics at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

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