The NYC Beach Bus: still cheap, now with free Sixpoint

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Smile and say “DRUNK!” via NYC Beach Bus Instagram

So we told you about the NYC Beach Bus, the cheap as hell way to get down to the Rockaways. And always being ones to take our own advice, we took it a couple weeks ago, and wow, was it ever fast. Like, warp tunnel fast. They’re also very friendly, what with the providing sun screen and soccer balls and the all important water to drink while you’re on the beach. And now we can tell you guys that they’ve added a brand new wrinkle to the bus of dreams: they’ve partnered up with Sixpoint to provide FREE BEER on your trips.

Even better, the bus is still merely twelve dollars for a round trip ticket to a day at the beach. Beach Bus head honcho¬†Ayo Omojola told us that they just started the sponsorship with Sixpoint last week and that they’ve got plenty of beer, enough to last the summer. It’s two per rider though, so don’t show up with the idea to be a grabby jerk. That’s how we lose nice things.

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What better way to prepare for the incumbent cold weather than treating yourself to a fiscally responsible way to drink a lot of beer?


It's not every local venue that can survive a devastating fire and reopen less than five months later.


The good news is the suspension really is temporary, and the company co-founder tell us they'll be up and running again come winter as well as next summer.


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