The most popular dog names of 2018 are here

Let’s get one thing straight: dogs are some of the best things about this planet.

From classic and cute to edgy and spunky, Rover (a site that makes it easy as pie to find a dog walker or sitter for your furry side kick), did a survey of owners across the US and discovered some very popular names.

Unsurprisingly, the study also found that dog owners are taking a nod from pop culture when it comes to bestowing the oh-so-perfect name for their pooch. In fact, fantasy and superhero-based names are some of the top hits. Guardians of the Galaxy names rose 97 percent, with the name Drax taking the lead. Dogs named after Black Panther characters – including Shuri, Nakia, and Zuri were up 25 percent. Westworld names like Maeve and Dolores were also on the up and up, topping at over 127 percent and 87 percent respectively.

But how did big city doggo names fare? For male dogs, Max, Charlie, Cooper, Rocky, and Buddy were the most popular. As for female dogs in New York City, Bella, Luna, Lucy, Lola, and Daisy took the cake. If ultra popular and classic dog names aren’t your bag, many NY residents are also leaning towards hip-hop themed names with Biggie, Puffy, and Nas rising up from 22 percent.

Want to know more about the most popular dog names in New York City? Peep this infographic below. And, if you’re planning to adopt a new dog in the coming year, this data is a good jumping off point for some inspo, or a good list to steer clear from if you want a pup moniker that’s a little more unique.

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