Party with William Shatner, and 16 more ways to beam up into your weekend


1. Nibble on cheap lobster rolls at Brooklyn Bridge Park, since we imagine nibbling is how rich people eat. (Friday)

2. See art in Brooklyn about art in Brooklyn at Made in Brooklyn, a four-night pop-up gallery. (Friday)

3. We know you’ve still got some teenage angst left in you, so begrudgingly drag it all to Videology for My So-Called Life party. (Friday)

4. Get tips on how to grapple with your most crippling lulls in creativity at Overcoming Writer’s Block, a workshop at Made in NY Media Center. (Saturday) 

5. If you thought comics stewed in self-loathing before, just wait until you see them do routines performing as their least type of person at Your Worst Self. (Saturday)

6. Commemorate World Down Syndrome Day with free art-making and movement workshops at the Brooklyn Museum. (Saturday)

7. Go get yourself something nice and shiny while you enjoy free wine and snacks at Fanaberie Boutique’s 5th Birthday. You’ve earned it. (Saturday)

8. Set your evening to depress mode for Feeling Gloomy’s Vio-later Depeche Mode party at Grand Victory. (Saturday)

9. Ladies (or dudes) leave your man (or lady) at home and dance like Biggie’s still alive at Crazy Since Da 90s. (Saturday)

10. Throw your mind and body into your Soul Night dance moves as you get on up to 45s all night long. (Saturday)

11. It’s always good to usher in new seasons with fertility rituals, so help the Gowanus be more fertile or at least less radioactive by helping build a giant compost windrow. (Sunday)

12. If you can’t get enough of new joke smell, head to Muchmore’s for New Bits and hear new material from Julio Torres, Dan Fox, and Mo Fry Pasic. (Sunday)

13. See a one-man show about Paul Robeson, who was one important man, as BAM presents The Tallest Tree in the Forest. (Sunday)

14. Tackle mass incarceration and its impact on women and people of color at the Brooklyn Museum’s Prison, Women, and Change: A Conversation with Nkechi Taifa and Susan Rosenberg. (Sunday)

15. Beam yourself to Freddy’s Bar for Obsolete Cinema’s Sex, Drugs, and Shatner, a night of William Shatner films, trivia, and excessive admiration. (Sunday)

16. Don’t forget about ArtLab’s Memory+Myth, a theatrical exploration of the neuroscience behind memory. (Sunday)

17. Help spruce up Brooklyn Bridge Park for spring and maybe even strengthen your green thumb. (Sunday)

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