Score a $10 lobster roll at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Luke’s Lobster this Friday

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How bad do you want one of these Luke’s rolls right now? Via flickr user chopstix2steaknives

Guys, it’s almost sixty degrees outside today! The weather is probably giving you a heady buzz—not to mention a bunch of hallucinations about the weekend in Montauk you’re saving up for (is it just me, or did other people think/hope that the Hamptons episode of Girls was a broke person’s fever dream?). Warmer temperatures also mean more fish in the water, so your favorite seafood treats are back on restaurant menus. Not quite ready to splurge on a lobster roll? That’s okay, neither are we. But here’s some fun news: we got an email letting us know Luke’s Lobster will selling their lobster rolls at their Brooklyn Bridge Park location for just $10 this Friday. 

$10 is a pretty decent discount. Normally a roll at Luke’s would run you $15—and that’s already less than most other seafood joints in the city, many of whom get away with charging $25 or more for one! Sure, we get it, lobster is rare! But it’s still hard to justify a dining experience that lasts all of ten minutes, assuming you can chew slowly.

Anyway, you can score a discounted roll at their Brooklyn Bridge Park location (11 Water Street) between 11am-2pm this Friday. Better do it, guys: after that, they’ll go back to being regular old expensive rolls that you could reasonably just replace with two burgers and a concrete milkshake at Shake Shack next door.

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