Volunteer to help get Brooklyn Bridge Park back into shape for spring

brooklyn bridge park
Get it looking more like this. Photo by Etienne Frossard, via Facebook

That sure was a rough winter we just went through, huh? We guess with the threat of snow hanging over us, we shouldn’t be acting like we’ve turned a corner just yet, but screw it, let’s say we have and that spring is on its way. After so much snow and ice and cold, you might be looking a little worse for wear, but at least you spent most of your time inside. Brooklyn Bridge Park didn’t have the option, so after being ravaged by winter, it needs a little spring cleaning, which you can help with this weekend and next week.

Everyone needs a little spring training work to get back in the best shape of their lives, and the park is no exception. So, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy is looking for some folks to help with things like cutting down overwintered grass, remove winter junk that’s piled up and help replant flower beds, starting this Sunday, March 21 from 10am to 1pm. Hey, that’s the first day of spring!

If you can’t make Sunday’s spring spruce up, you’ll have two more chances next week, on Wednesday, March 25 and Friday, March 27 from 9am to noon each day. And since you’ve been so civic-minded this week, chiming in on making a better Fort Tilden and complaining about the subway to people actually trying to change things, it only makes sense you keep it going this weekend and help the park that does so much for you (provide great views and free movies).

[h/t Brooklyn Heights Blog]

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