The Week in Broketown, 9/14 — 9/18


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– Passenger Bar’s Melissa Aubert takes us on a walking tour of Williamsburg 

–  Saints alive, a cat café is finally coming to Brooklyn

– The voice of the Food Network reveals how he got that cool job 

– The Warriors’ reunion was disappointing, but the costumes were on fleek 

– Two-wheeled commuters can now bust jerks who hog the bike lane

– We made you an hour-by-hour schedule of the best happenings at this year’s Brooklyn Book Festival

–  (To) kill two (mocking)birds with one stone, read a book while you drink beer at these tranquil bars

– Our millennial readers weighed in on the crushing pangs of student loan debt

A new show on TV is hiring those who wear the color of the night, but walk in the daylight goths

– “Weed” love to see what filmmakers come up with at next week’s marijuana-themed film festival

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