Are you a ‘legit goth’? A new MTV show wants you!

Are you a chill goth? Keep reading. via Flickr user Bryan Ledgard
Are you a chill goth? Keep reading. via Flickr user Bryan Ledgard

Goths, Cure fans, countrymen: Lend us your ears! Has your chosen subculture not led to the fame or financial reward that all Americans deserve from birth? Did you not get picked when Martin Scorsese came looking for punks and weirdos for his TV show? Well that’s okay because MTV wants you and they’re younger than some lol old like Martin Scorsese. The only catches are that they don’t want just any goths, they want “legit goths” and you have to go up to Westchester. Still could be worth it.

According to a Craigslist casting call, MTV No Chill is looking for some “legit goths” who they can film wandering around a mall and chilling out in a hot tub on Tuesday, September 22. The mall is the natural habitat of the goth, so we don’t know why the show doesn’t just go try to get some non-domesticated ones, but hey, it could work out for you. If you’re a goth couple, even better, because MTV No Chill also needs footage of a goth couple kissing. The show is willing to cover your travel expenses up to $100, which means you could probably take a black car all the way up there from Brooklyn and feel like a celebrity goth. If you want in, just shoot reply to the Craigslist ad with your age and some photos. Good luck! Or bad luck? What kind of luck do you wish a goth?

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