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Speak up, lousy millennials: how deep is your debt?

Maybe laughing at the debt will make it go away. via IAFTV
Maybe laughing at the debt will make it go away. via IAFTV

Student loan debt is a very real, very sad part of going to college in the United States. But hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh about it, or at least commiserate together and compare numbers. Internet Action Force posted a video asking millennials whether they ever thought they’d pay off their debt. The results aren’t shocking.

So what say YOU, millennial readers? Do you plan to carry your student debt to the grave? Do you have a ponzi scheme you’re waiting to bust out until the next stock market boom distracts everyone? Or are you, like most of your generation, just doing what you can do pay it down a little bit at a time?

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  1. Afraid to look at my DoE account, but I’m guessing anywhere between 110k and 120k. Still have a year left in school, too! At least I’ll have a STEM degree. Thanks, NYU $_$

  2. My grad school debt is being used against me when trying to rent an apartment, yet I make 37x the rent. I couldn’t possibly earn that much without a master’s degree. THIS IS INSANE

  3. Defer, delay, forebear, defer, delay. I can’t afford the income adjusted payment and live in NYC and I can’t work in my field and not live in NYC (or some other expensive city). Lots of dramatics on the phone every few months and they usually leave me alone.

  4. Teach for 5 years at a high need public school and have up to $17,500 forgiven, which is nearly the exact amount I owe. I went to community college first and only did 2 years at a private university and got lots of grants so my debt is significantly lower than other people I’ve spoken to about this tragic issue. Only paying 2 private loans with family cosigners cause I don’t want to mess up my family members’ credit.

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