Here’s your chance to help bust jerks who park in bike lanes

Get outta here! via Flickr user
Get outta here! via Flickr user

Biking in the city is actually pretty fun, despite some very specific complaints we’ve had about it before. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make it better, like for instance calling out people who park in bike lanes. Ohhhh how we hate those people who park in the bike lanes, causing us to swerve out into traffic and possible personal harm. WNYC is on your side here, and wants your help compiling people who pretend the bike lane is a parking lane, to see if the city’ enforcement efforts to stop it are working.

If you want to help WNYC’s efforts, all you have to do is snap a picture if you come across a jerk parked (or even driving! Oh those people are the fucking worst) in the bike lane, or any other kind of avoidable bike lane blockage. Then send the picture to bike [AT], either with the location in your email or with the picture’s location feature on, and it’ll be added to their map.

At the moment’s the map isn’t too full, but we imagine that in time it will be full of bright yellow dots indicating people who’ve determined that 90% of the road and the entire enforcement mechanism in the traffic world being given over to them isn’t enough. And while it’s impossible to tell if this will lead to a ticketing blitz of people parked in bike lanes, at least it’ll be cathartic.

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