The week in Broketown, 8/4 – 8/8

Pier 44 Waterfront Garden, Red Hook
It’s the weekend, go sit in the park and read a book. A book about Brooklyn. via Flickr user Chris Kreussling

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-We recommended 9 awesome books about Brooklyn and 9 Brooklyn locations in which to read them

-Hand Job Academy’s Clara Bizna$$ told us all the jobs she ever had

-We broke down when you should dump a dude

Bed-Stuy got their own beer and wine festival

-Spike Lee paid tribute to Eric Garner

-A Crown Heights restaurant suggested you “stop and frisk your appetite


-A 24-hour diner with a Spin the Bottle table had plans for Bushwick

-Some jerk added fake neighborhood RAMBO to Wikipedia

-There were oodles of cheap apartments again. Yay!

-The Beach Bus opened a route to Action Park

-Violin lessons and booze: A combination we could get behind

Dunderheaded opposition to affordable housing in Brooklyn Bridge park broke out

-We loved The Castello Plan because it’s snazzy and Bedford Hill because it’s cozy

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