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Some joker added fake neighborhood RAMBO to Brooklyn’s Wikipedia entry

rambo brooklyn
Still the only Rambo we legally recognize.

Hey, remember RAMBO, the imaginary made-up neighborhood near DUMBO that should be given no legitimacy ever, no matter the cost? Despite our best efforts (mostly shaking our fists at the internet and area brokeries), it appears our anger may be in vain, because the stupid made up neighborhood name that barely even covers a neighborhood has been enshrined in the the world’s most accurate encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

If you don’t recall the bullshit that is RAMBO, here’s a picture of it from the last time someone tried to give it some legitimacy:


So anyway, that thing has been given another boost of legitimacy because while it hasn’t slimed its way into Brooklyn’s neighborhood list Wiki, you can now search for it on Wikipedia, and while the official Wiki page is still Bridge Plaza, Brooklyn, look at this HTML and the big paragraph on what name is “sometimes applied to the area:”

rambo brooklyn
No no no goddammit

People, this is serious. If it’s on Wikipedia, it’s just another step or two before it’s in some real estate listing and another step before some politician trawling the bottom of the barrel for votes refers to the injustices being done to “the proud people of RAMBO” and then after that is the Times trend story then the Post one and then the Daily News one like a year later. We can put a stop to this though. Any Wikipedia users are urged to get in there and take RAMBO out with extreme prejudice. If you have friends or relatives or lovers who refer to RAMBO, hi- well, don’t hit them, but give them a stern talking to. Hit them in the brain, metaphorically. Do it, because one day you’ll be able to want to tell your horrible children that you were on the right side of history for something.


  1. come on guys, just change it yourself. that’s the whole point of Wikipedia.

    and Wikipedia is pretty accurate, for an encyclopedia. “real” encyclopedias have always included a lot of bunk, and they can’t even fix stuff til the next edition.

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