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Bushwick is getting a ‘Spin the Bottle’ 24-hour diner

amancay's diner
Department of Health regulations will probably prevent this from happening though. via Flickr user Brandon Cripps

Everyone loves a good old fashioned 24-hour diner, where you can get cheap greasy food that you don’t even realize doesn’t taste that great because you’re so drunk you can’t see or taste. What if though, we offered you that same kind of diner with “Bushwickified” organic ingredients and a table that has a Spin the Bottle game permanently attached to it? Well, whether you want that or not, that’s what’s coming to Bushwick at 2 Knickerbocker Avenue, former site of the venue/deli Living Bread, according to DNA Info. 

Amancay’s Diner is opening up in September, and on the one hand, hey a 24-hour diner. Everyone loves 24-hour diners. On the other hand, it’s going to be a 24-hour diner that owner Chang Han told DNA Info will serve diner staples that he’s promising will be “Bushwick-ified,” which means that the food will be all organic which will also mean it’ll probably be expensive.

Still, an expensive restaurants opening in Bushwick is nothing new. What will make Amancay’s Diner either a nightmare or a stand out dining experience is that there’s going to be a red leather both in the back that has a bottle for Spin the Bottle permanently attached to it. So if you’re out on a date and really want to try to force the action, well, you’ll know where to go. Amancay’s probably won’t wind up being pegged as morally hazardous, but it could wind up being just a regular health hazard.

Will we be there? Nah, we’ll just be outside grousing about how we remember when the place was a bodega by day and a music venue by night and Bushwick was so different man, it was wild and free man, damn kids.

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