The Beach Bus goes to Action Park and Storm King Art Center

action park
The Beach Bus will take you here, but if you want to survive it, you’re on your own. via Facebook

It’s August and all your rich friends are Instagramming the hell out of their weekends at the Hamptons castles they’ve Airbnb-ed. We wish we were there too, but luckily you can still get out of the city without taking up a third job! The NYC Beach Bus has expanded beyond their name and is heading inland to insanity (Action Park!) and culture (Storm King Art Center), so you can still go to neat places as the summer fades and even after it’s done.

If you want to eke out some more summer thrills, the Beach Bus now offers trips to Jersey’s recently-reopened Action Park on Saturdays until September 1, and on September 20, 21, 27 and 28. For those of you who don’t remember Action Park from when it was open in the 80s and 90s, it was basically the Chuck Norris of water parks, but we hear it’s less outrageous and terrifying this time around. In other words, it sounds spectacular and you won’t leave with a broken neck.

You can also go find some weekend tranquility when the bus heads upstate. Fill your seaweed void with the land kelp, or trees as some people like to call them, with Saturday trips to Storm King Art Center until October 18. Storm King is a gorgeous 500-acre park filled with giant sculptures and spots to picnic and do short hikes. Instead of the usual free beers you get on the trips to Rockaway Beach, they’ll be providing cold-brewed coffee from Chameleon and tea from Runa. They said you can probably bring booze for the bus, though it’s probably better to save it for the end of the day.

Buses for Storm King leave Downtown Brooklyn at 9:15am and head back at 5pm. Buses for Action Park leave Downtown Brooklyn at 8:45am and head back from Action Park at 5pm. Tickets for each are $35 for the bus only, while rides with admission to Storm King and Action Park are $45 and $55, respectively.


  1. Neap Tide

    or you can get a campsite in hither hills (cancelations at this point) and pound cheap beer and ride your bicycle all at once! plus if you do art stuff you can like do that too, the place is like way to nice not to draw!

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