The Week in Broketown, 8/3 – 8/7

Have a weekend full of love. Photo by Mary Dorn
Have a weekend full of love. Photo by Mary Dorn

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– The mysterious horseman of Franklin Avenue broke his silence on riding and horse shit cleanup

– This is what it looks like when Bushwick does Camp Firewood

– Bodegas might be on their way out and that’s a bummer

– Allison Stuart of Bedford Hill guides you all around Bed-Stuy

– Leave your debts behind, get a job sailing around the world with this Brooklyn sea captain for two years

Jon Bois of SB Nation let you know how could get a job writing weird things about sports

Ember Isles are nostalgic, more in a scented candle way that an Uncle Buck way

– You can help make a photo exhibit of never-before-seen Biggie photos happen

– Here’s a look at what goes into Yeah Dawg’s vegan sausage

– See what happens when New Yorkers are confronted with True Detective‘s terrible dialogue

– We love Skinflints, we love the Sea Witch Tavern and we love Freddy’s

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