Innocent strangers in McCarren Park assaulted with ‘True Detective’ season 2 dialogue

We’ll admit this impression comes only from Casey Johnston’s unique recaps and people’s tweets about it, but it appears that True Detective season two has been hot garbage served on a plate made of hardened sewage. Part of this seems to be from a lack of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson delivering the hard-bitten dialogue and some of seems to be from the fact that this season’s dialogue is very bad. To prove that’s not the case, Late Night Basement‘s Chris Rose wandered around McCarren Park stopping strangers and delivering lines from the show, verbatim, to them.

Frankly, Rose should consider himself lucky. At this point in New York City history, wandering around in public and mumbling “At least with your kids, it’s your sins” and “Hey man, pain is inexhuastible” at stranger usually gets you a SWAT team of New York Post reporters following you around reporting on the newest homeless meance.

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