New Music Tuesday: Getting warm and nostalgic with Ember Isles

Ember Isles, filling Rockwood Hall with warmth. via Facebook
Ember Isles, filling Rockwood Hall with warmth. via Facebook

It’s always fun to take notice of the first things a band reminds you of. When getting to know a band by spending time with their music, checking out their pictures, and then eventually digging deeper to maybe read a few interviews, little things will start coming to the surface of your brain as it attempts to fit them into a pre-existing mind cubby.

Sometimes I’ll listen to a band and they’ll make me think of the classic ’80s film Uncle Buck. Sometimes they’ll make me think of the time I crapped my pants while playing tetherball because I was winning and didn’t want to stop to go to the bathroom. Sometimes they’ll make me think of punching someone in the throat/nose. In the case of Ember Isles, I thought a lot about scented candles. I don’t know. They’re just that kind of band. A warming, room filling luxury.

The Brooklyn based band are releasing their debut EP Embers at the end of¬†September, but you can hear a track from it right this very instant. Here’s their cover of Dirk Powell’s “Waterbound.”

Aside from scented candles, Ember Isles reminds me of this one Christmas when I was about 12 or so when I took a nap under the Christmas tree while listening to a James Taylor album on my Dad’s record player. That’s some pretty pleasant nostalgia. Absolutely nothing about their upcoming EP, which I was lucky enough to hear in full, makes me want to punch someone in the nose/throat. That’s also pretty pleasant.

On the topic of pleasantries and literal nostalgia, we asked the band the following question:

Question: What (out of anything – specifically) makes you feel the most nostalgic?

Here’s what they said:

“Its mainly scent for all of us, a perfume that someone fond to us used to wear, eucalyptus and smoke that remind of the coast, or a new beeswax candle. But there’s also deeply rooted sounds that make us think of home, for Hannah specifically it’s Scottish traditional music.”

I’ll be damned if everyone doesn’t just love a good scented candle.

You can catch Ember Isles in Brooklyn during CMJ (which is just around the corner!) on October 14th @ Rockwood stage 3 @ 9PM.

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