BK sea captain hiring a crew to sail around the world

If you've the sea skills, he's got the boat. via Twitter user @moneyries
If you’ve the sea skills, he’s got the boat. via Twitter user @moneyries

As you know, we here at Brokelyn are always happy to share cool jobs with you, because we think you should be happy at work and not miserable and cranky. Still, even our searches usually only lead you to cool offices, which is kind of limited. What if you want to live the rat race and civilization behind entirely? Well if that’s the case, here’s your big chance to take to the sea, because a future sea captain is putting up posters in Brooklyn looking for a crew to sail around the world with him on an epic two-year voyage.

Yes, you read that sentence and the above flyer correctly, the chance to fulfill your Sir Francis Drake dreams, minus stealing from ships owned by the hated Spanish monarchy. Or maybe that’s part of the agenda, who knows. Whether you want to be a deck hand, a videographer, a cook or an aquaponic gardener, getting a job as a crew member requires absolutely no sailing experience, which is good people who grew up in landlocked cities.

In all seriousness though, this doesn’t look like the kind of cool job that you’ll be dicking around on. Sailing around the world is no joke, and Van Vollmer, who says he spent 40 years as a contractor here in Brooklyn, is looking for “mature, dedicated, compassionite” individuals who’ll work hard and as a team. Also sadly you can’t do drugs, which is a huge bummer considering you’re gonna be out at sea. On the third hand, at least you actually get paid for this voyage, as opposed to some bullshit about paying you in seafaring experience like some hellish ocean-based internship.

Your potential home for the next two years. via Peacemaker
Your potential home for the next two years. via Peacemaker

The boat itself is known as The Peacemaker, and it famous enough to have both its own Wikipedia page and website. The 158-foot wooden sailing ship was built by a Brazillian indsutrialist in 1989 according to the ship’s bio, before being bought by Christianity offshoot the Twelve Tribes. The ship is up for sale now, and when we put in a call to the boat owners, they confirmed to us that Vollmer was about to put in an offer for it. Confident that he’s going to wind up with the boat, Vollmer is looking to staff up so that he can set sail from Florida on August 31.

The trip itself sounds like it’ll take you to some interesting places, going from Florida through the Panama Canal to Hawaii and Australia, the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean and finally back to New York. Of course, who knows what New York will look like in two years or if you’ll be ready to just jump back into your old life after all that time at sea. You just might end up getting so antsy you steal the boat for the Brooklyn Barge Bar or one of the old ships in the South Street Seaport so you can return to the embrace of the ocean.

As for the man doing the hiring, we sent an email to the one listed on the job flyer, but we haven’t heard back from Vollmer. We found evidence of his existence on an old Brownstoner post about contractors and we also found a “Van Vollmer” with a profile on the Patriot Action Network that lists his birthday on August 31, which is the target date for the beginning of the circumnavigation attempt. It also lists that the issues that most concern him are “Illegal Alien Amnesty & Open Borders, Socialism, Tax Increases, Universal Healthcare, Constitutional Infringements,” so maybe don’t ask him for his thoughts on the Republican debate last night unless you’re prepared to argue. Or you agree with those concerns, in which case you’ll do great on a boat together.

So if you want a good life experience, really love boats or are running from debt collectors/warrants, shoot an email to Vollmer at cwa.ncm [AT] with a short resume and what you think you can bring to the job of helping a boat sail around the world for two damn years.

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