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Get a look at what goes into Yeah Dawg’s vegan hot dogs

The City Speaks: New York: Yeah Dawg from Plant Based Traveler on Vimeo.

When it comes to vegan street food, Yeah Dawg has made quite a name for themsevles by serving meat-free, spiffed up twists on the classic New York dog. It turns out that beyond just wanting to provide hot dogs that people can eat without worrying about snouts and hooves, Yeah Dawg owner Marina Benedetto sees the business providing “food as medicine,” to animals, the environment and the human body.

The interview, from Plant Based Traveler‘s mini-documentary series The City Speaks covers everything from Benedetto’s philosophy behind hiring the kids she used to counsel to work with her company to the struggles of permitting and operating a small business in the city and why she went into the healthy hot dog racket. And if you’re not big on words, the video also shows you how the sausage is made, so to speak, following Benedetto through the Yeah Dawg factory and the assembly of one of their meat-free dogs. Which taste excellent, by the way.
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