The week in Broketown, 8/15-8/19

Budweiser: hustling to make fart water since 1878.
Budweiser: hustling to make fart water since 1878.

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Budweiser tried to be “the Brooklyn choice” of beers but Brooklyn was like “nah.”

Bananas of New York became our favorite Humans of New York spoof.

Park Slope’s Rock Shop ended its live music career.

We told you about ShapeUp NYC, which is like a free version of ClassPass.

Someone pranked the internet with a fake Brooklyn pog store.

We explored this new indoor mini golf course, a great place to beat the heat.

Huma Abedin was hungry.

Spike Lee announced another Michael Jackson party on the Do the Right Thing block.

We rounded up the 8 best bars for playing conhole, bags or whatever you call it. 

Our new real estate column took you inside a totally relatable search for an apartment.

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