Do the right thing: Spike Lee’s annual MJ block party comes to Bed-Stuy on Saturday

Photo via @officialspikelee
Photo via @officialspikelee

For the second year in a row, Spike Lee’s sixth annual Brooklyn loves Michael Jackson block party will be held on the same block in Bed-Stuy where Do the Right Thing was filmed. That’s Stuyvesant Ave., between Lexington Ave. and Quincy St., which was renamed “Do the Right Thing Way” in August of 2015.

It’s uncanny how much that block conjures up the film; if you walk down the row of iconic Bed-Stuy stoops, you half expect the likes of Da Mayor, Coconut Sid and Sweet Dick Willy to pop up. And if you do attend the party, which is from noon to 6pm on Saturday, August 27, you might even spot Mookie, himself. 



Spike Lee knows how to throw a party; back in April, his Fort Greene block party to celebrate Prince drew hundreds, who danced and sang in the street outside his studio 40 Acres and a Mule, while clad in purple, per the dress code.

The BK loves MJ party, previously held at Restoration Plaza and Prospect Park, has been a summer tradition since Michael Jackson’s passing in 2009. DJ Spinna will provide the music, primarily MJ tunes. To give you an idea of the festivities, here’s a video of the celebration last year:

Until then, this will be us, and we suggest you do the same:

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