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Where should Huma Abedin eat lunch in downtown Brooklyn?

Help us #feedhuma. Photo via @quepaso_daniel1993
Help us #feedhuma. Photo via @quepaso_daniel1993

In a recent profile in Vogue, Huma Abedin revealed that she’s so harried at work as Hillary’s top aide, she has never once left the campaign headquarters for lunch. “When someone recently asked for a lunch recommendation near the office, Huma didn’t know a single eatery in downtown Brooklyn,” writes Nathan Heller.

Huma, we know you’re busy, and yes, the Shake Shack line is very long, but come on, how many sad Seamless desk lunches can one woman endure? If there’s anything Huma deserves after putting up with a husband who just can’t stop/won’t stop sliding into DMs, it’s a hearty mid day meal.

We at Brokelyn are here for Huma with a list of suggestions of nearby lunchtime fare. Call us her temporary interns. (Another good question: where do Hillary’s interns eat lunch???) Check out our list, and offer your own suggestions in the comments. #FeedHuma!


This bowl of ramen has your name on it, Huma. photo via @gansoramen on Instagram.
This bowl of ramen has your name on it, Huma. photo via @gansoramen on Instagram.

Ganso Ramen
25 Bond St.

A bowl of real ramen (Huma, don’t tell us you’re heating up microwave packets!) makes for a quick, filling lunchtime dosage of umami. And for Dine In Brooklyn, they’re offering a lunch special of any ramen plus a half order of gyoza for only $15, through Aug. 22. Get it girl.

Brooklyn Fare
200 Schermerhorn St.

Not the three-Michellin-starred Chef’s Table, which takes reservations six weeks in advance (though I’m sure they’d push Huma ahead, especially after hearing how hungry she is) and is a dinner-only affair; we’re talking about the Brooklyn Fare storefront, where you can grab a sandwich, soup or salad. Easy-peezy.

Yaso Tangbao
148 Lawrence St.

We’ve heard this Shanghainese eatery is really bringing the soup dumping A game to downtown BK. And at the price of $4.99 for four juicy steaming pork buns, Huma, how could you not make the time?

Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar
339 Adams St.

Huma, we know you want to stay on task; you can ignore the tequila, but not the tacos! And nobody’s gonna judge you if you decide to make it a nacho lunch. Sometimes, when you’re stressed, finger food is the way to go.

New Apollo Diner
155 Livingston St.

Every politician loves a diner. Huma, here is your chance to make up for all those missed lunches by ordering the lumberjack breakfast or an around the clock three egg omelette. Just slip into a booth, sit back and enjoy the simple pleasure that is food.

175 Remsen St.

The lunch counter here is quite delicious and healthy, with a rotating menu of all-vegan sandwiches, salads and other goodies. It’s the perfect choice for her to bond with the soon-to-be-first vegan, Bill Clinton.


But order online and have an intern pick it up, Huma. The assistant to the future leader of the free world doesn’t have time to be standing in line behind a tourist reaching their grubby hands over the glass to touch the carnitas.

Fulton King Hot Dogs
472 Fulton St.

When it comes to lunch choices, this one is the obvious weiner.

Where else should Huma eat lunch in downtown Brooklyn? Add your suggestions in the comments! #FeedHuma

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  1. Also, the Trader Joe’s line isn’t too bad at midday: lotta grab and go sandwich and salad options at a good price, an important need for showing fiscal restraint during the campaign. Also get some Joe Joe’s because everyone needs Joe Joe’s.

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