The Week in Broketown, 3/30 – 4/3

He fits right in
He fits right in

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-America’s sweetheart, Jeff Goldblum, is getting a big tribute at Nitehawk

-You can take a class in Greenpoint about Britney Spears as a feminist icon

-We took some time to remember John Loscalzo, king of the local bloggers

-No joke, we found you plenty of cheap apartments

-A herald of summer: The Brooklyn Bridge Park dance party schedule is out

Go get your NYC ID, it’s worth it

-No TV? You still don’t need to miss the last season of Mad Men

-Punch life in the nose with the Desert Sharks

-Want to be a camera assistant on SNL? Here’s how you can make it happen

-We feared Brooklyn’s 10 plagues

-Are these Brooklyn gangs from the 70s or Brooklyn bands from today

-Bushwick. Artisanal spam. Of course.

-We loved Brouwerji Lane, we loved the Pickle Shack and we loved The Emerson

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