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Of course Bushwick has a duo making ‘artisanal spam’

Spam Bushwick from Brooklyn Independent Media on Vimeo.

As a blog all about championing Brooklyn, we’re pretty forgiving of our borough’s more out there attempts at staying true to oneself, whether it’s adult pre-school, artisanal porridge or even a whole shop devoted to mayonnaise. Leave it to Bushwick though, to really push the boundaries of what’s acceptable, with the Brooklyn Independent Media bringing us a short profile of a pair of artisanal spam-makers who call the neighborhood home. We’d call them “humble artisanal spam makers,” but they seem pretty impressed with their “frivolity,” “experimentation” and elevation of spam into “something more than people could have imagined” it to be.

bushwick spam6


bushwick spam

The BK Independent Media profile catches the two partners at Spam Bushwick home in their kitchen on just another day, and they gave the crew a walkthrough of what it takes to make a can of artisan spam (which of course comes in a version perfect for the lactose intolerant). Most important to the cooking process seems to be the really getting in there and giving the meat a hard massage, after which it’s ready to be dumped into a pot to be boiled with its ingredients that raise it to another level.

bushwick spam7


bushwick spam 4

Of course, who are we to judge? They’ve clearly got a good thing going if they’re able to get such a glowing endorsement from the likes of Do or Dine, whose owner Justin Warner praises the duo for making a product that gives his dishes “that je ne sais WHA” and provides “a taste of the terroir of Bushwick.” If you want to get a can or two of Spam Bushwick, in flavors like Lemongrass and Coconut Oil, Sriracha Pickles and Roasted Garlic Wasabi, it’s available at Union Market, Whole Foods or you can order from their online store here.

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