Nitehawk is doing a two-month Jeff Goldblum tribute

Oh, hello
Oh, hello

What is it about Jeff Goldblum that makes us love him so? Was it his thick, wavy hair? His chiseled jaw? The way he kind of smiles at you in this unsettling way that you’re never quite sure what he’s thinking? It’s probably that last one. Whatever it is, the verdict was in a long time ago: America can’t get enough of Jeff Goldblum. Nitehawk Cinema knows that, so they’re taking the step that anyone with a movie theatre would take, and they’re devoting two entire months to the finer points of the Jeff Goldblum oeuvre with The Works: Jeff Goldblum.

Nitehawk will be devoting every weekend in May and June, from May 9 to June 28, to the works of Goldblum both small and large, with either noon or midnight movies featuring our favorite Jeff. From Annie Hall and Death Wish (in which he played a small but pivotal role):

to The Fly where he played The Fly and Jurassic Park where made the line “Life, uh, find a way” the iconic line it is today:


it’ll be two months of all the Goldblum you can handle. The celebration of America’s Sweetheart Jeff Goldblum is split into Barely Goldblum and Full Goldblum, so you’ll be able to determine just how much Goldblum you want on a given weekend. Or, you could just go to all of the movies, because really, is there such a thing as too little Goldblum in your life?

The only downside is that Goldblum’s seminal work with Tim and Eric won’t be included in the two-month celebration, but we suppose we’ll always have YouTube for that.

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