New Music Tuesday: Desert Sharks punch the clock on ‘Ooh, Hey’

Land sharks. Oh wait sorry, Desert Sharks.

The trouble found in working a job with normy co-workers while also exploring your fun, creative, soul enriching (opposite of soul sucking) pursuits on the side is that when something great happens you can’t even brag about your successes because no one will know what the hell you’re talking about. It’s like when we all try to describe our weird internet jobs to our families and they’re just like “That’s nice, honey.”

Stephanie Gunther, who provides vocals and bass for Brooklyn’s Desert Sharks, probably has it a bit easier than most – she works at a fun jewelry store in Williamsburg called Cat Bird when she’s not performing with her band. Not quite a Joe Vs. The Volcano life of drudgery, but if she were stuck in such a rut, she knows exactly how she’d spruce it up. We randomly asked her “If you suddenly woke up one morning as a business woman who worked 9-5 in an office, what kind of stuff do you think you’d have on your desk?” and ¬†she said:

“I’d have a picture of my cat, or maybe my actual cat on my desk if the business was progressive like that. Other things on it would be a Ricky Gervais bobble head, one of those 3D head pin impression things to stick on my face and other objects when bored, a plastic echo microphone, a clear telephone, an autographed picture of Billy Ocean, and of course, snacks. Cheez-its and Tim Tams for sure.”

Sounds good to me!

In Desert Sharks’ video for “Ooh, Hey” instead of punching clocks the band is punching life square in the nose. The majority of the video shows bits of live footage of them on stage, on the road, and enjoying a leisurely hotel room or two. It’s the ultimate “take this job and shove it.”

If life ever gets you down, you’re working a job helping dickish fools every day, or everything’s pretty much okay but you wanna just sit and fantasize about what it would be like to cause a room full of sweaty people to jump around while you melted faces, effortlessly, while wearing an amazing jean vest … click play on this video and keep it looping.

Last summer Desert Sharks released their most recent EP, Template Hair, on Manimal Records and now they’re focusing on playing local shows and working on new stuff. You can catch them April 7th at Shea Stadium. Full info HERE.

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