The Week in Broketown, 2/9 – 2/13

grand prospect hall
It’s the weekend, make some of your dreams come true! Photo by Madelyn Owens

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-We met Michael and Alice Halkias, who want to be King and Queen of Brooklyn

-Here were some weird Brooklyn-branded Valentine’s Day gifts no one should receive

-The news broke that Philadelphia gets to uh, enjoy, hosting the DNC instead of Brooklyn. We’re crushed

-A prophetic map claimed Sunset Park will one day be beachfront property

-Young women in New York vaulted over the pay gap and now make more than their male peers

-Finally, a landlord told Starbucks she didn’t want them

Observations about dating Brooklyn dudes were shared

Broad City broke down the dangers of friends-with-FOMO

Grand Street Restaurant Week is coming, so you can eat in Williamsburg like a rich person

-The Meat Hook Sandwich Shop needed a sandwich wizard, but there were more jobs if you don’t have magic powers

-Trying to get away? You can hike, see empty beaches and eat tacos at these affordable winter day trips to summer spots

-Valentine’s Day was on deck, so we went over our worst dates ever

-We loved the wurst of Schnitzel Haus, busting a move at Bean Post Pub and eating the rice balls at Zito’s Sandwich Shoppe

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