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Eat cheap, Grand Street Restaurant Week is back

Mmmm...Cheap things. Via Le Barricou
Mmmm…Cheap things. Via Le Barricou

For all those Brooklynites that are constantly stalking up and down Grand Street scouring beer bars and thrift shops (a.k.a. the majority of the staff at Brokelyn), I’ve got excellent news for you: Grand Street Restaurant Week is back in action! No longer will you have to browse through Antoinette or sip at Breukelyn Bier Merchants with a grumbling stomach, because from February 16 to February 22, restaurants all up and down Grand Street will be offering 2-course lunches from $8-$10 and 3-course dinners ranging from $18-$30.

The restaurants participating are scattered all up and down Grand Street, so be prepared for a delicious, if not gut-busting hike when trying to visit them all. Los Primos (704 Grand), Lula Bean (797) and Bread Brothers (810) are offering lunch; Williams & Bailey (507), The Grand National (524), Le Barricou (533), Lily Thai (615), The Grand Bar & Grill (647) and Bahia (690) are on for dinner, and Chuvoy’s (502), Dar (525), Desy’s Clam Bar (562), The Sandwich Shop (658A), Grand Morelos (727) Masha and the Bear (771) and Sky Bar and Grill (804) are getting wild and offering lunch AND dinner.

We here at Brokelyn are always down for restaurants getting together and deciding to be cheaper for a little while, so we are all for this restaurant week that is entering its second year. Remember, these deals aren’t for take-out or delivery, so while we know our readership has a serious aversion to pants, maybe cover up before headed down to Grand Street.

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