The Misandry State: Young women in New York make $1.02 to every $1 men make

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Well, the do call her LADY Liberty

We’ve previously covered the plight of women in these parts, at least when it comes to the feckless dudes they’re trying to date and the other dudes who are just awful, but this morning at least brings some good news. When it comes to the pay gap, the amount of money a woman earns compared to men, women in New York state have not only vaulted over it, but they’ve filled it in and are standing taller than dudes now. A new study from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, shared by Glamour, contains the news that young women in New York make $1.02 to every $1 that men make. We welcome our new highly paid female overlords.

The purpose of the report, according to Glamour, was to study the best and worst states in America for young women across a variety of factors like health, happiness and salary. Of course, why go anywhere else when it turns out that New York is the only state in the union where women have conquered and murdered the pay gap? The $1.02 that young women make compared to every $1 guys make is the highest in the country, and destroys the average pay gap for young women in America, which is 89 cents on the dollar that men make.

The reasons for why women are making more than men in New York? The recession hurt the construction and finance fields, coupled with the fact that women in New York start families later in life than their peers across the country. There’s also a little place called New York City, “that’s a magnet for highly educated women.” So there you have it, New York is the best place to live in America if you’re going to dismantle the patriarchy.

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