The Week in Broketown, 11/16 – 11/20

Try to have a sunny outlook this weekend. Photo by Maria Travis
Try to have a sunny outlook this weekend. Photo by Maria Travis

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-Activists tell real estate developers Brooklyn isn’t for sale, developers say we’ll see

-You don’t have to cook on Thanksgiving if you just eat out at one of restaurants instead

-You also don’t have to bring home pie for Thanksgiving, if you bring one of Brooklyn’s best non-pie desserts instead

-The Wonder Wheel will be open for the first time ever on New Year’s Day, so hopefully your hangover can handle it

These dating spots around Brooklyn are perfect for bringing you and a boo who lives off a different train line together at last

-It’s good to have those in mind in case you find love on this dating show that’s willing to pay you $600

-Of course, that’s a one-time thing, so we’ve also got some jobs for you at places like The Webby Awards, Bar Chuko and Biolite

-You could also just pray for snow and apply to be an emergency snow laborer for the city making $13.50/hour

-Get cozy while you eat at these 7 brunch spots that have a working fireplace

-Artist of the week Faces of Weed will get you in some strange situations, but nothing you can’t handle

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