Ice work if you can get it: Be an emergency snow laborer for $13.50/hour

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Look good in an orange vest? That doesn’t matter as much as your shoveling ability, but it helps. via Facebook

It might feel like spring or summer of flip-flop weather out there, but you can rest assured that at some point, winter is coming. Probably. When that happens, the city doesn’t want to be caught with their snowpants down in the case of an ice or snow storm, so they’re hiring emergency snow removal workers before the sleet hits the fan. Want in? Why not, you’ve probably done more miserable work for less than the advertised rate of $13.50/hour.

The Department of Sanitation has put up an ad looking for the best and brightest snow shovelers that the city has, who’ll be tasked with clearing snow and ice crosswalks and the areas in front of bus stops and fire hydrants. That way, DSNY can focus on clearing the streets and with any luck, angry crowds don’t pelt the mayor with snowballs. In exchange for your hard work in the event of a snow or ice emergency, you’ll be paid $13.50/hour, and $20.50/hour if you wind up being assigned more than 40 hours of emergency snow removal.

All you need to do to be considered for an emergency snow shoveling position is head to your local DSNY garage (find it here) between 7am and 3pm with your Social Security card, two form of ID and two 1 1/2 inch square photos of yourself. And then you wait around for praying for snow and hope you get called.

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