Dating show with money to burn seeks handsome, single guys

It's probably not this kind of dating show, but who cares what it is when you're making $600
It’s probably not this kind of dating show, but who cares what it is when you’re making $600

Summer is over and so is summer romance. Spring, when a young woman’s fancy turns to thoughts of love isn’t for a number of months either. It’s almost winter’s bone season, but maybe you’re holding out hope you can find a decent-ish relationship instead of someone to just watch all of Master of None with. You could always try the magic of television dating shows, which only carry the risk of you humiliating yourself and winding up a meme for the rest of your life. Still, a casting notice landed in our inbox today looking for single dudes, and if the prospect of finding love wasn’t enough, they’re also offering $600 for the two days it would take you to do all the filming.

Kind of like the situation that every speed dating event in Brooklyn seems to keep running into, the casting agents for this unnamed dating show say that they’ve got plenty of willing single ladies signed up, but are in dire need of dudes. Specifically, they’re looking for single guys who are between the ages of 27 and 40, have a job (any job), could be described as “handsome” and are willing to be on this show for two days of filming. Judging by the way the message is delivered, the casting agents also really want dudes who are “TIRED OF BEING CAT FISHED AND USING DATING APPS.”

Are you one of these guys? Do you know one? Either way, email datingshow2015 [AT] with your name, age, location, job, contact info, hobbies, likes and dislikes and at least two recent photos that show you full length and close up. If you get picked, you’ve got two days of filming ahead of you, and you get $300 for each day. And maybe you even have love and happiness ahead of you, but that’s less guaranteed than the $600.

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