New Music Tuesday: Getting situated with the weirdness of Faces of Weed

Their specific situation? Instant party

Faces of Weed isn’t a band so much as it’s a situation. They don’t have an album, and they update their social media sporadically, but chances are, if you live in Brooklyn, you’ve heard of them. And if you haven’t, well, why haven’t you?

Masterminded by the joined  vibes of Callie Watts (whose name you may already know from her role as Editor/Writer for Bust Magazine) and Vrose Sélavy (I don’t think that’s really a name), their weedy and witchy sound is an actual instant party. I have not been so lucky as to see them perform live, because by 9pm I can usually be found at home, organizing my notebook of grievances or something, but I can only imagine. Here’s some evidence:

There are a lot more videos to be found on Callie’s Facebook page, and a few others on their Instagram. I have always personally felt very happy to know that these bad bitches are out there living lives big enough for the majority of us combined. Keep an eye on them, and if you see that they’re playing a show, you should not even question going, you should just go. Dress up like a labia or something, they’ll like that.

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