Now Hiring: The Brooklyn Kitchen, Bar Chuko and more!

Be the one who makes this delicious food at Bar Chuko. via Facebook
Be the one who makes this delicious food at Bar Chuko. via Facebook

It’s almost time for you to sit down at the Thanksgiving table, and your family might want you to bring more than a delicious non-pie dessert from one of Brooklyn’s finest institutions. They’re also going to want to know if you’ve got a good job yet. Fortinately, we’ve got plenty of great jobs for you today, though if we’re being totally honest, the places we’ve got listed probably won’t be doing their hiring by Thanksgiving. Whatever, tell them you’re in the running, fudge the truth a little.

Love organic food? Want to spread its Earth-friendly, all-natural reach across this great nation and maybe even the world? Well then come work for this unnamed Industry City organic food startup as a customer service and marketing assistant. You’ll be responsible for researching marketing opportunities, helping run the company’s social media, uploading blog posts to the website and helping calm down irate customers in the event something goes wrong. You’ll make $17/hour for this, AND you’ll work within walking distance of the famed Melody Lanes, so craft a great answer to the sample irate customer email if you want to make decent money and immediately spend it on bowling.

Why work at just any restaurant when you could work at a cool restaurant that everyone wants to go to, one that allows you to bring dates and look impressive as everyone in the cool restaurant greets you by name and gives you free stuff? We all want that, and you just might be able to get that if you snag this job as a line cook at Bar Chuko. A spinoff of ramen spot Chuko, Bar Chuko focuses on small plate and yakitori, and is looking for smart, motivated cooks with at least one year of experience to join the team. Beyond that, all the only requirement is that you be able to lift 30 pounds, which seems reasonable.

Of course, maybe you’d rather write about food as opposed to making it. That can also get you dates/make you look impressive in front of dates, and requires less fine motor skills. It just so happens that Thrillist is hiring a food and drink writer to guide people to what’s hot, what’s good and what’s worth waiting on line for in New York’s food world. You’ll be writing one to three stories per day, work with the site’s video team and be responsible for mastering analytics in order to get the word out (oh and eat and drink a ton). This is a job for you if you love to eat, have three years of digital writing experience, a proven record of making things go viral and a good eye for photos that really make a story pop.

Maybe you don’t want to prepare OR write about food, but you want to advertise items that help make it. That’s a very specific niche, but we’ve got you covered there too. Futuristic outdoor stove maker Biolite is hiring a visual designer to help them create iconography and infographics that help them spread the good stove word and turn ad campaign words into pretty ad campaign designs. This is an entry-level job that doesn’t require a single day of experience, but does require an expert mastery of Adobe Creative Suite, an eye for typography and illustration,  photography skills and a portfolio with an emphasis on the digital side of things.

There are a lot of grocery stores you can work at in New York City, but only one of those grocery stores is The Brooklyn Kitchen and only The Brooklyn Kitchen’s grocery store workers get things like free entry to all of their classes for them and a friend, 20% off fancy cookware and a weekly $20 food credit along with benefits and vacation time. Beyond that, it’s your standard grocery store job where you’ll be stocking and taking care of backstock, making nice product displays and presenting a smiling face to customers. If you can do all that, are familiar with specialty grocery chains and know how to use a barcode printer, then you can take the heat and should step into the (Brooklyn) kitchen.

Here’s a weird question: wanna spend your time picking up the pieces the next time some Duck Dynasty hick talks about how much better black people had it under slavery? While there’s no job opening for being their PR person directly, you could be responsible for trying to fix that situation as the social media coordinator for A&E and History. In that position, you’ll be in charge of A&E and History’s Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Tumblr pages, live tweeting premiere episodes of shows like Shipping Wars and Some Shit About Nazis and Aliens We Probably Made Up, writing ad copy and keeping the two channels’ F.A.Q. pages updated. If you’re organized, have great social media skillz, attention to detail and two years of social media experience in marketing or cable TV, you could be live tweeting TV for a living soon enough.

And finally, if you love websites so much that you think some deserve awards (while others don’t), The Webby Awards are hiring an editor! You’ll be responsible for things like being their editorial voice on their website, emails and editorial features, write features on Webby judges and internet stuff and chasing down thinkfluencers to write longform pieces for the website. It’s the job for you if you’ve got one year of editorial experience, an understanding of HTML and WordPress, a passion for internet culture and experience with email software like Mailchimp. It’s not the job for you if you think all websites are equally good and wonder why there are awards given out.

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