This week in Broketown, 11/07 – 11/11

Tourism is still the worst. via Youtube
NYC tourism is still the worst. via Youtube

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We told you why you shouldn’t go home for Thankgiving this year.

Moving to Canada started to sound more and more attractive.

One editor went on the search for the perfect Hillary pantsuit (ugh).

A peaceful Greenpoint nature walk offered us some election relief.

Ample Hills released a Gilmore Girls ice cream flavor that wasn’t called “Who’s Raisin’ Who(m)?”

New Yorkers were so done with this shit, they started selling their “I Voted” stickers online.

Brooklyn comedians reminded you that New York’s real enemy is still tourists in Times Square.

With little left to believe in, we offered you New York City as a post-election religion.

We rounded up a bunch of ways to cope with the results of the vote.

He-who-shall-not-be-named became the artist’s call to arms.

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