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Ample Hills just released a Gilmore Girls ice cream flavor, perfect for your Netflix binge watching

Luke's Diner doesn't even serve this flavor. Via Ample HIlls.
Luke’s Diner doesn’t even serve this flavor. Via Ample HIlls.

Perhaps you are a diehard Gilmore Girls fan who is counting down the days until you reunite with your Stars Hollow friends over Thanksgiving weekend. Or maybe, hypothetically, your girlfriend and friends are so obsessed with the show they are throwing a Stars Hollow-themed party this weekend that has its own website and comes with mandatory cosplay requirements (hypothetically). Either way, Brooklyn’s Ample Hills just released the perfect ice cream to add to a junk food binge that would make Rory and Lorelai proud: The ice cream, called They Scoop Gilmores, Don’t They?, is available now and, naturally, it’s coffee flavored.

It’s a pun off a season 3 episode title and also has chocolate pudding ice cream, topped with pink (Pop Tart) sprinkles. You can get the flavor in individual pints or in a Gilmore Girls-themed four pack called Where You Lead, I Will Marshmallow” (a riff on the theme song, for you Gilmore Girlgins). It’s available for nationwide shipping too. Ample Hills held a contest to come up with the new flavor.


Via Ample HIlls.
Via Ample HIlls.

Ample Hills is known for their pop culture themed flavors including a Roald Dahl-inspired creation and these two based on the election. The Gilmore Girls revival hits Netflix on Nov. 25 at 3am east coast time, the perfect time to start eating ice cream.

Find an Ample Hills location here.

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