Hawk the vote: You, too, can sell your ‘I Voted’ sticker on eBay for extra cash

Who knew your vote could pay you back?
Who knew your vote could pay you back? Photo by Sam Corbin/Brokelyn.

Voting day already has the city abuzz with election tweets and themed pizza slices, but tweeting isn’t the only thing New Yorkers are doing once they’ve voted. Apparently, they’re also auctioning off their “I Voted” stickers on eBay.

We spotted a handful of listings posted to the marketplace as early as 5:45am this morning (which would suggest the stickers were left over from a primary election, since the polls didn’t open this morning until 6am… unless VOTER FRAUD IS REAL AFTER ALL) by New York voters looking to make a little extra scratch off the election cycle. The stickers are going for anywhere from 99 cents to a whopping $10 (for a pair). The auction listings are hot, too: they’re drawing at least three to four views per hour.

Who could possibly want these stickers, which could no doubt be easily counterfeited, for their weird election collection? We’re not sure, but this news certainly smacks of opportunity. If you haven’t peeled that I Voted sticker off its backing and slapped it on your chest yet, you might just want to save it for the highest bidder. 


It fits standard 'I Voted' sticker measurements, of course.
It fits standard ‘I Voted’ sticker measurements, of course.

Selling your voting sticker online is completely legal (at least, we can’t find a law prohibiting it) and 100 percent anonymous, so no one can judge you for trying to profit off of your civic duty. And even though most New Yorkers got these stickers when they voted, there are voter reports of polling sites running out of stickers. It’s nice to have tangible evidence to show you voted — especially since ballot selfies are illegal — so if you don’t have a use for your sticker, then you might just make another New Yorker’s day.


Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 2.50.42 PM
I guess a couple is trying to start a partner venture

NY isn’t the only state with opportunistic voters, either — Louisiana seems just as keen to get rid of its voting stickers, and one guy in LA is selling his for $5,000. One thing’s for sure: if you don’t want your sticker, selling it is the best use you could possibly get out of it. Otherwise, you’d just be throwing it in the trash can with all of America’s third-party votes.

Sam found an extra “I Voted” sticker on the ground today and she’s going to Flat Stanley the shit out of it. Follow its adventures at: @ahoysamantha

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