PED (post-election depression)? Here’s where to drink, vent, dance, question or just cry in NYC

PED (post-election depression)? Here's where to drink, vent, dance, question or just cry in NYC
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As one of the many media outlets whose general sentiment about the results of the presidential election is one of utter speechlessness, we’ll spare you any platitudes about how “it’s just a presidency” and “life in NYC probably won’t change.” Shit sucks for real.

No matter where you are emotionally and spiritually right now, though, we need to get through this. New York is better than this. Plus our jobs are waiting for us at our desks, and many of us are still going to have to face the family at Thanksgiving.

So, how do you deal? Spreading love is the Brooklyn way, but there are other Brooklyn ways to process what happened on Wednesday. Like dancing, drinking, or making radical art. We’ve rounded up a bunch of events taking place from now through the end of the month where you can blow off steam in whatever way best suits you. We’ll keep adding to this list as more local events emerge. For now, just heal and process and protest. Don’t torture yourself worrying about what will come after November; Obama’s got it on lock for now.

If you just need a shot of tequila: You can get a free one at Calexico, which has locations in Greenpoint, Park Slope and Red Hook. “New Yorkers could use a drink,” reads the Instagram post Calexico added a couple of days after the election. “Starting tomorrow we’re giving away a free shot of tequila to any and all that need one.” 21 and over, that is.

If you think Merrick Garland is our last hope: Write a letter to the elected official in your home state  and beyond on Monday, Nov. 14, at a Letter Writing Party in Bushwick. Folks from the neighborhood are getting together with pens, paper and laptops — and envelopes and stamps, if you have ’em! — at Bodega (24 St. Nicholas Ave.) starting at 6:45pm and going for hours. Show up for Justice. (Get it?)

If you want to “Yas kween!” basic human freedoms: Ilana Glazer’s Dec. 4th comedy show at Littlefield (622 Degraw St.), “You Can Probably Still Make it to Knitting Factory” is now donating all proceeds from ticket sales to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

If you want to strategize with your fellow women: Attend the Women’s Table, a monthly summit at Archestratus Books (160 Huron St.) whose focus will be to “come together in a sustained way, maintenance at its finest, to figure out a new path. To gather the evidence and be like little detectives of what we should burn, what we should foster, and what we should create. And of course, have a safe space to laugh and cry together.” Interpret that as you will for the meeting on Saturday, Nov. 19 at 12pm. Free.


Organize and strategize for a more progressive America with NKD. via FB
Organize and strategize for a more progressive America with NKD. via FB

If you think an emergency meeting is in order: Attend this post-election emergency planning session on Saturday, Nov. 18 at 11am, hosted by New Kings Democrats at the YWCA Brooklyn (30 3rd Ave.) in Boerum Hill. The group hopes to reflect, strategize and organize, orienting newcomers to NKD strategies for making progressive change at a local level, identifying and detailing opportunities for involvement in the NKD, and organizing around new and ongoing work “to safeguard, grow and export real progressive wins” in “an inclusive, accountable America.”

If you need to punch something: Take a free kickboxing class at CKO, a community gym with locations in four different BK neighborhoods — Clinton Hill, Williamsburg, Carroll Gardens and Park Slope. Your first class is always free, the instructors are super positive, and no one’s going to look at you funny this week if you bring a photo to tape to the bag while you punch. Music is amped and fired up, too. Make sure to bring your own gloves or borrow from a friend — otherwise you have to buy one of their pairs for $25.

If you can’t figure out how to pick yourself up again: Licensed life coach Ariana Siegel, C.P.C. is offering free 20-minute coaching sessions to artists and creatively-minded folk who are having trouble making sense of this week’s events. Get in touch to book an appointment with her at arianaseigel[at]

If you just want to get real woke: There’s a strategic planning meeting on “Staying woke in Trump’s America” on Wednesday, Nov. 16, hosted by the People’s Power Assemblies at Solidarity Center NYC (147 W. 24th St.) in Manhattan. Join the meeting to discuss how to maintain, sustain and grow continual movements against white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy and homophobia, with specific focus on #BlackLivesMatter, #SomosVisibles and #NODAPL movements for the time being “as we strengthen and grow the radical left.”


If this election got you feelin like. via FB
If this election got you feelin like. via FB

If you want to engage in open discussions with artists: Theater company Title:Point hosts a monthly community art salon but this month’s “SalON!: rrrrrgghhkkk! rrrrrgghhkkk!” is now a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood and a pantry drive for LGBTQ outreach organization Hetrick-Martin. It’s at The Footlight (465 Seneca Ave.) in Ridgewood on Thursday Nov. 17 at 8pm. “We will go all night and into the morning, and fight for our rights and those sharing this world.”

If you just want to kill this bad, bad election with fire: There are Brooklynites who share your desires. A group is organizing fire shows in multiple cities to highlight the firey talents of those who will be most adversely affect by the Trump administration. The planning meeting is on Saturday, Nov. 19 at 9pm at Floasis (1342 Dekalb Ave.) in Bushwick. They’re looking for all kinds of help, too: “Performers, stage managers, designers, marketing people, musicians (maybe?), organizers and educators who want to help develop/promote companion events. Anyone who wants to help, we’ll find something for you to do!”

If you want to stand with women: On Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 7pm, a nonprofit organization for Planned Parenthood is hosting a Planned Parenthood benefit and comedy show at Littlefield (622 Degraw St.) in Gowanus. Ilana Glazer, Janeane Garofalo and other New York greats in the comedy scene preside. Giulia Rozzi hosts. Tickets are $20, and all proceeds go to PPNYC Votes.

If you want to dance for civil liberties: The Level party will be donating 100 percent of profits from its even on Saturday, Nov. 19, to the ACLU, with the White Material gentlemen also selling test pressings and merch to raise funds. The intimate loft space party features Alvin Aronson, DJ Richard, Galcher, Lustwerk, Morgan Louis and Young Male.

If you literally want to pivot your career to stop Trump: The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is currently hiring for a full-time Senior Editor of Donor Stewardship. This is your chance to get involved at the source by supporting and enhancing ACLU’s fundraising efforts, by leading the creation and production of print and digital communications for donors and members. If you have 7+ years of experience in managing an editorial, marketing or communications team, you could land this sweet gig with a “generous and comprehensive compensation and benefits package.” Send a cover letter with salary requirements, a resume and a writing sample 2-3 pages in length to hrjobsDEVF [at], with [DEVF-66/ACLU-W] in the subject line.

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